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The next generation of smart glasses

Iconic style, cutting-edge technology and light-weight form unite in a range of frames designed for living in the moment while expressing yourself to the max.

Unlock a range of hands-free possibilities with intuitive voice and single-touch controls. Make calls, send messages and capture content—all while staying in the moment.


- Direct to social:

Choose to livestream directly from your glasses to Instagram and Facebook without missing the moment. Seamlessly switch between your glasses and phone cameras while sharing your unique POV.

  • Livestream up to 30 mins

- 12mp Camera

- Open Ear Audio

Discreet open-ear speakers and five built-in microphones let you seamlessly switch between music and calls, while still allowing you to hear the ambient sound of your surroundings. Enjoy rich audio quality and stay focused, without disconnecting from the world around you.

  • 2 custom speakers (open ear)
  • 76.1dB(C) volume with 2x more bass, 50% louder than Ray-Ban Stories

- 5 Mic System

No more stopping to answer your phone. Also, make calls and send messages on WhatsApp, Messenger and phone, completely hands-free—simply by using your voice. Catch every word with superior audio quality.

  • Custom five-mic array (2 in left arm, 2 in right arm, 1 near nose pad)


Care Instructions

Rinse Your Eyeglasses Before Wiping

Always rinse your glasses off with tap water before you wipe the lenses. Wiping them directly may cause particles to grind against the glass and cause scratches.

Use Only Products Designed for Use on Eyeglasses

When cleaning your glasses, only use liquid products designed for use on eyeglasses. Other glass cleaning products may strip the coatings on your eyeglasses.

Store Your Glasses Properly

Always keep the case that came with your eyeglasses within reach, and store your glasses in it when you have to remove them for more than a few minutes, such as when you go to sleep or take a bath.

Disinfect Your Glasses After Spending Time Outdoors

Viruses can survive on glass surfaces for as long as nine days. This means you need to disinfect your glasses, along with other outerwear, when you return from a trip to the supermarket or similar places.

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